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Hello, My name is Timothy Robin Parsons and I am a Freelance Producer / Director working particularly in commercial Film Production, adverts and Music videos.

I also create viral and promotional film content for the Internet, Broadcast and Cinematic release.

Specialising in content for Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Youtube.

Film Production Portfolio

The Experiment


Over the past ten years I have created content for Adidas, Sony, Honda, Reebok, ASDA, Nescafe, Bodyshop, Benefit Cosmetics, Cadburys, Microsoft and the London Olympics.

As well as working with agencies such as B-REEL, Evoke, Momentum, Agent42 and Wieden + Kennedy amongst many others.

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Viral Production

Being NDubz

I have extensive experience in pre to post film production and believe that every good project starts with clear communication, planning and ideas based on solid teamwork.

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The Inspire Series


Uniquely I have involved myself in every stage of film production, from set design, make up & Wardrobe and production management to Camera operating, Editing, animation amongst other areas of post production allowing me to cast a constructive eye on all levels of the projects myself and my team are working on.

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"Making of"


Being based in the West Midlands and around the Worcestershire and Greater Birmingham area I am uniquely placed for clients in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester including Europe and Worldwide.

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Benefit Cosmetics

Telling a story for me is the key to any project whether that is through animation, film or photography.

It is the cornerstone of my production values and something I also expect to be at the core of my clients vision.

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Viral Campaign


Take a look around my film production and Photography portfolios and see some of the content I have created.

I am available freelance, through agency or direct to client and I can also bring together a team of talented freelancers to tell your story.

Watch the Surface Tab Viral


B-Reel London were tasked with making an exciting an informative campaign for Caisse d’epargne, we were asked to give insight into the process and we came up with this Behind the Scenes movie.

Welcome Honda Being NDubz Adidas Capture Benefit Cosmetics Microsoft CAISSE D’ÉPARGNE